Sunday, December 30, 2007

@ 24C3 + new contributor program + quantum cryptography on the XO!

We (Tano, Chris, SJ, /me) are at the 24th CCC congress. First of all : great presentations, hilarious hacks and a very good atmosphere.

We presented OLPC there and asked people to sign up for the new contributor program. We immediately got some very good proposals.
And what is more.. there was a great group from the Univ. of Singapore which immediately ported their quantum cryptography key exchange software to the XO. So much for "the OLPC laptop is slow". The QDK program was doing FFTs and statistical correlations. In the pictures you can see a photon transmittor (sounds fancy ;-)doing the actual quantum crypto - the rest of the data comes in via USB to the XO where it is correlated with each other.

Other highlights from the 24C3 are flying quadcopters, remote controlled robot UAVs (flying planes) which were in France but given waypoints from here in Berlin. Also the openwrt guys made a proof of concept by porting openwrt to the XO. The astounding fact there - openwrt boots in around 20 seconds! Xterms open instantaneously and everything is much faster in general. Small is beautiful. 

Friday, December 14, 2007


By James Chung with apologies to Mr. Watterson