Monday, November 5, 2007

weekly status report

This goes out to other grassroot groups. We would like to encourage you too to send out weekly info posts of what happened in your country. Helps to understand where the whole project is going and what local grassroot groups can do and what they achieved.

So, I will start with our group

OLPC Austria newsletter #2

We have been presenting the ideas behind OLPC and our XOs at the festival in Graz Austria.
Graz is a lovely small city. It has the worlds biggest collection of medival knights armor, the "Schlossberg" a castle on a small mountain in the middle of the city and a very active young students scene.

Then moved on to Kiblix. See the posts below.
Graz and Kiblix was just amazing! So many people got interested. I guess we will see a OLPC Graz section soon.

A few days later we got an email about the wish to found of "OLPC Germany e.V." (eigentragener Verein, registered association) modeled after Bert Freudenberg will be there, Yoko will be there,... folks are interested in doing that, let's see what happens.

After Graz we all needed some days off.

next steps

* Austrian pilot: there is lot of organizational work for that!
* activity challenge: expect some progress here
* activity handbook: same

I am curious about your grassroot experiences and progresses. Please report! Let's get more connected on these issues.


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