Monday, November 12, 2007

weekly status report #3

1. Ministry of education
2. Germany's OLPC group
3. Activity/Sugar handbook
4. Dr. Lozanov's DE-suggestobpaedia ;-)
5. presswork preview
6. we need more dev laptops

1. Ministry of education

We had another talk with the Austrian ministry of education concerning how the Austrian pilot can and how it should be handled.
Just one comment: getting there... be patient .

2. Germany's OLPC group

We had some talks with Bert Freudenberg, Joachim Wedekind, Yokoy about the founding of a german OLPC grassroots group.
Seems like we were able to pull something off... Germany, now it is your turn! ;-) Create an e.V. or so hm?

3. Activity / Sugar handbook

We all met on Saturday on our almost weekly jam session night. Christoph and Daja (Daniel Jahre) were continuing to write on the Activity / Sugar handbook. The others were busy planning, hacking on the a very nice embedded board (more about that later when it is ready), upgrading the XOs, coding , etc. Christoph got javascript and flash working and got SIM CITY to work ! yeah!

4. Dr. Lozanov's DEsuggestopaedia ;-)

Tano and /me went to Dr. Lozanov. He was one of the most famous bulgarian educators. Dr. Lozanov invented superlearning, a method which enables you to learn languages quicker. We wanted to talk with him if he could imagine some sort of audio .ogg files on the XO for language learning. But alas! he was not here. A big fat sign on his door showed us that he was not interested in his own suggestopaedia method. It read "Dr. Lozanov. International Institute for DEsuggestopaedia" wow!

5. Press preview

Tomorrow we will meet with FM4 (most famous youth radio station in .at) and the day after with ORF konkret (TV).

6. we need more dev laptops

Lindsay , Walter, SJ? Please, in case you have a few extra C1s or B4s... Jaume is stuck with coding XOTv. He is stuck waiting until the other XOs are free. So we need another one or two XOs to speed up.


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